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Pricing, Linens, and Amenities

How Pricing Works
  • We determine a standard turnover rate based on specific criteria.

  • No Monthly or Annual Linen Pool Fees!


Factors Considered When Pricing a Property:

Property Sq/Ft

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Additional Beds 

Amenity Quantities

Special Requests:  We prioritize efficiency and prompt service by handling standard turnover and cleaning tasks. Although we allow special requests, we prefer to limit them to maintain our high standards.

Linen Service

Important Note: We offer linen services as a part of our turnovers. All properties must use our linens; owner-provided linens will not be utilized.

Owner/Property Items: Hosts are required to provide, at minimum, two comforters labeled per bed. 

It is highly encouraged for property owners to provide their own encasements and protectors for both mattresses and pillows. It is also mandatory that owners label their items.

Basic Linens Included in the Linen Service:

Beds: Fitted Sheets, Flat Sheets and Pillowcases

Towels: Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Washcloths, Bath Mats

Kitchen Towels: Dishtowels




Basic Amenities Provided:

2 Small Trash Bags per Bathroom

2 Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

2 Toilet Paper per Bathroom

1 Paper Towel

Additional Amenity Kits - Provided by Sojo

Each bathroom and kitchen receives 1 kit 

Coffee Options Available as well (Grounds or K-Cups)

Additional Items may be available upon request

Sojo Basic Bathroom Bag_edited.jpg
Sojo Basic Kitchen Bag-Pro.jpg
Sojo Lux Bathroom Box_edited.jpg
Sojo Lux Kitchen Kit.jpg
Small Business Operations

Seed has efficient SOPs to assist properties and hosts without overextending their capacity.

  • We limit the number of properties we accept seasonally to maintain a balance between our crews and services.

Seed Cleaning and Services is Licensed, Insured, and Performs Background Checks on prospective Contractors.

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