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At Seed Cleaning & Services LLC, we've got you covered! We're a locally owned company specializing in vacation rental cleaning services throughout the Destin area, and Miramar Beach surroundings. We provide cleaning to any vacations homes, including resort homes, condos, villas and beach houses.

Cleaning Services

There is one thing that is the bridge between a satisfied guest and an unhappy one: consistency.

Every property is as unique as its owner. Our goal is to familiarize our staff with your property, and we do our best to return the same team week after week. With so much detail required to satisfy your guests and get those 5 Star reviews, our team is prepared with checklists to ensure we don't miss any details.

Our teams first survey the unit before beginning any work and upload any necessary photos or comments. As a property owner, you will appreciate being informed of any damage or issues ASAP so that you can act quickly and report these to your respective booking system or previous guests.


The floor is vacuumed.
All furniture, including those on the patio, is wiped and dusted.
Look in the drawers and under the beds.
All furniture, including those on the patio, is set up and properly arranged.
Check for sleeper sheets.
The porch is swept and spot-cleaned for spills.
All glass inside and outside is cleaned — no visible handprints. 
The front door is wiped inside out and locked. 
Curtains are opened for the next guest. 

The shower is cleaned and dried.
No mold is visible. 
The sink is cleaned and dried. 
Toilets are cleaned. 
No hair found anywhere. 
Mirrors are cleaned, and faucets are streak-free.
Towels are displayed. 

The dishwasher is empty.
The inside door is clean, and the outside is polished. 
Sinks, faucets, and counters are wiped and dried.
No crumbs and no streaks are visible. 
The fridge, including drawers and shelves, and freezer are cleaned.
The outside door is polished—no food left inside. 
The microwave is wiped in and out. 
The coffee machine is wiped. Filter cleaned. Pots are cleaned and dried. 
Used razor and polished the stovetop.
Check the oven and replace foil, if needed. 
Floors are cleaned and mopped. 
Cabinets and drawers are organized.

Living Room 
Couches and chairs are vacuumed both on top and under cushions. 
The entire area is dusted. 
Floors vacuumed and mopped.


Make the bed with clean linens nicely and neatly.
Make all bunk beds and trundles the top and bottom sheets.
Check for wear and tear or stains on sheets and blankets.
Dust all furniture, window sill, fan, pictures.
Sweep and mop the floors.
Check all drawers and under the beds for things left. 

Scrub all tubs and showers — no molds, including the ceiling.
Scrub all toilets, including the base and floors around it. Leave lid seat up.
Wipe and shine mirrors and faucets.
Display new towels and store the rest. Put soaps out and fold toilet paper.
Sweep and mop the floors.
Wipe fingerprints off doors and light switches.

Load and empty the dishwasher.
Clean and sanitize inside the fridge and freezer. Throw away all food.
Clean then unplug coffee pot and toaster.
Wipe the microwave.
Wipe and sanitize all counters and sinks.
Wipe down cabinets and garbage can.
Wash and organize the dishes. Ensure no crumbs in the drawers.
Polish the faucet and other stainless areas.
Sweep and mop the floors.

Living Room
Vacuum top and under the sofa. Remove sheets off the sleeper.
Dust and wipe down furniture, baseboards, fans, TV, and pictures.
Clean and wipe glass doors.
Mop and sweep the patio.
Inspect behind furniture for dirt or left things.


Strip then clean and vacuum the headboard and bed frames.
Vacuum top and bottom of the mattress and under beds.
Clean baseboards behind the bed and furniture.
Clean and wipe down all pictures and mirrors.
Wipe down all lamps, shades, and bulbs.
Wash all window sills and blinds.
Wipe down all doors, frames, handles, light switches and, coverings.
Check curtains if curtains need to be spot cleaned.
Clean all closets, shelving, walls, vents in the ceiling.

Wash/polish all tile in the tub area, wash soap dish, clean grout.
Wash the tub, polish chrome fixtures, wash the shower rod.
Remove shower curtain and liner curtain and send to laundry.
Remove all scum from shower glass doors and chrome tracks.
Clean the toilet bowl inside and out.
Clean and polish the towel bars and the toilet paper holder.
Clean mirrors and pictures.
Clean the exhaust vents and ceiling vents.
Wash and polish light fixtures. Clean and check bulbs.
Wash and polish sink and fixtures
Clean the top of cabinets inside and out. Clean baseboards.
Clean trashcans and deodorize replace trash bags.
Scrub floors, especially in corners around tub and toilet base.

Wash down all cabinet doors inside and out.
Wash all dishes and glasses, etc.
Remove items from cabinets and wipe out shelves and drawers.
Organize all items and place them back into drawers and cabinets.
Wash and scrub stove tops, burners, rings, and knobs.
Clean all sides and underneath the burner and backsplash.
Clean the oven inside and out. Clean the door and drawers.
Clean exhaust vent on stove and light cover.
Clean all small appliances. Wipe all countertops.
Wipe down the microwave oven inside and out.
Clean vent filters and grill.
Clean the refrigerator inside and out. Take out parts and wash.
Sweep and steam mop all floors. Clean walls and baseboards.
Wash and deodorize trashcans.
Wash all light fixtures inside and out.

Living Room 
Move all furniture and clean under and around them.
Return furniture to its proper place.
Remove all cushions, clean sides, and underneath the sofa.
Clean all walls, baseboards, and corners.
Clean the sofa bed frame.
Vacuum the mattress and wash the mattress pad.
Clean and polish all tabletops, sides, and legs.
Clean TV/stereo/VCR cabinet - sides, top, and underneath. Clean both sides of glass tops.
Check curtains if curtains need to be spot cleaned.
Clean all mirrors, pictures, plants, and all accessories.
Wipe down all lamps, shades, and bulbs.

All Rooms
Clean and polish all furniture from the top, bottom, and sides. Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures inside out.
Clean all walls and baseboards.
Clean all mirrors, pictures, switches, and accessories.
Clean all appliances inside and out, top, bottom, and all sides.
Clean inside all closets and drawers.
Clean exhaust vents and ceiling vents.
Polish the faucet and other stainless areas.
Sweep and mop the floors.


We remove bedding and towels from the unit and replace them with freshly laundered sets.


The kitchen area is the gathering spot for any home, including your rental. We make sure to have your appliances and counters spotless and ready for the next guest to feel at home!


Sand is the enemy! Of course not, we love the beach!!… But in your unit, it is. We shake, sweep, vacuum and mop.

Full kitchen cleaning service for a rental in Destin, Florida.A vacation home freshly clean in Destin, fl.


Scrubbed, polished and shined! Your guests will feel like they’re the first ones here.


We get to those "high touch" areas, from remotes to light fixtures and prepare them safely for your next renter.

Go Deep

We perform deep cleans at minimum 2x year to keep your property at its finest during the busy season. Contact us today to see our standard deep clean checklist.

What we do differently

Communication is not a luxury. It's a requirement. We're property owners ourselves and understand the frustration when communicating or getting in touch with a business. Our goal is to make sure that we make contact within one business day to let you know we are looking into it.

Clean bedroom and linens for guest in Destin, FL.

"I have been in the vacation rental business for 30 years and a great part of that time is spent with housekeeping duties and administration. SEED is very professional and polished, excellent results, and easy to work with. I highly recommend them for your housekeeping needs."

Harry Frey via Google

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