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How we got here...

Welcome to Seed Cleaning and Services.  Our ‘real estate’ journey began in 2008 with a long-term rental.  In 2015 we ventured into the world of Airbnb and began renting our Summer Home in a popular Canadian vacation destination.  In 2015, my wife introduced me to Panama City Beach, and by January 2016 we owned our very own STR on the Emerald Coast.  Little did we know, this taste of paradise foreshadowed our future. 

It's Okay to Learn

In this dynamic industry, you can never know enough. Our initial experiences were filled with great guests and partnerships, yet the realization hit—anticipating every challenge is impossible.  The story of how we got here is one of continuous learning, adapting, and embracing each unforeseen twist along the way.

Life After Sport

In 2020, after 13 years as a professional athlete, I retired.  The nomadic life that began in my early teens, led me through 19 cities across 5 countries, providing a wealth of experiences.  My wife and I, with our then-young daughter, returned to our hometown to begin the next chapter.  As we all know, an unexpected year in 2020 was in store for us all.  

From Vision to Reality

January 2021 marked a pivotal moment. A year of being unable to visit our vacation rental sparked a decision to turn a temporary itch into a permanent venture.  By spring, we had seized an opportunity, acquiring an existing Vacation Rental Cleaning business, rebranded with a new name, and entered the world of short-term rentals from a fresh perspective.

Learning by Experience

Fast forward three years and our journey has been marked by hundreds of turnovers, numerous different software trials, countless interviews and no-shows, and endless problem-solving.  

Operational Excellence

Operationally, we've been deliberate and calculated. Bringing on new owners and hosts requires a balancing act of crews and properties to linens and routing logistics.  We must ensure our daily operations and procedures can withstand growth  After trial and error, our implemented systems, software, and standard operating procedures now form the foundation of our operations.  

A Day in the Life

We handle hundreds of pounds of linens daily. Scheduling dynamics, routing challenges, and unexpected events like car trouble, electronic lock malfunctions, or the unpredictability of guests have made efficient processes vital.  In this business, human touch is necessary, and with that comes mistakes or oversights.  Experience has shown us ways to put out fires and do damage control, whether it's from guests' departure, cleaner error, or one of the many unpredictable facets of daily operations.  We do our best to limit these occurrences and make things right as quickly as possible. 

Expanding Growth in 2024

Our current structure positions us for growth in 2024. By accepting new clients, we can create more opportunities for our hardworking crews while maintaining the stability necessary for success.  Onboarding additional properties offers our crews the opportunity to continue working with us, which ensures they can provide for their families without having to look for other job opportunities. In 2023, we expanded our property footprint beyond Destin and Miramar Beach, from Sandestin down 30A towards Inlet Beach.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear—to provide a seamless turnover operation for hosts, allowing them to focus on their guests while providing an opportunity for everyone involved to benefit financially. 

Our operations connect hosts, property owners, cleaners, inspectors, and vendors to provide a Welcome-Ready property. We all strive to be profitable, and we believe that the value we provide will benefit everyone involved.

Embracing Opportunity

Like many dreaming of making the Emerald Coast their home, we've been fortunate to create this opportunity. As we look ahead, the growth of Seed Cleaning and Services mirrors the expansion of ourselves, our dedicated crews, and the thriving industry we're part of.

Join the Journey

We invite you to share this ride with us. Give us a call if you'd like to learn more.

Your success is our shared destination.

With humble appreciation,

Jacob Micflikier

Owner/Seed Cleaning and Services

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