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We've got you covered.

The Process

At Seed, we've crafted the most up-to-date hands-off turnover procedure for hosts.


Calendar Syncing

  • Automated scheduling syncs our calendar with clients' calendars via API for seamless booking.

  • Back-to-back bookings are highlighted for immediate attention. 

  • Airbnb/Vrbo/Hospitable and more API connections


Linens and Amenities

  • We supply the basic turnover linens as opposed to Owner Linens

  • Linens are professionally laundered 

  • Basic Amenities (Starter Supply) are provided to enhance your guests' experience (Trash Bags, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels) 

  • Comfort Amenity Kits Available upon request: Bathrooms (Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Lotion, Hand Soap), Kitchens (Laundry and Dish Pods, Dish Soap, Dish Sponge)


Damage Reporting

  • Damage is Reported through our Property App and via Slack 

  • Time-sensitive issues are reported directly to the host ASAP to ensure quick action


Hands-Off for Hosts



  • Cleanliness is paramount, and we use disinfectant cleaners on all surfaces to provide a hygienic environment for your guests.

  • All interior rooms are cleaned, and exterior areas are re-set to presentation protocols. 


Advanced Tech

  • Our software generates checklists, photos, and daily instructions to ensure proper turnover.

  • Internally, we use Slack to communicate and stay on top of the Daily Chaos. 

  • Photos: Our teams are instructed to take photos of issues, damage, and random completion photos 


Deep Cleans

  • We organize 'Mini Deep Cleans' quarterly through coordination with hosts to ensure areas not covered during turnover cleanings are not neglected, and the property remains in top condition.

  • Automated Invoicing streamlines Billing after each turnover

  • Entry Codes Saved

  • Property Specific Checklists and Photos ensure cleaners work efficiently

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