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Cleaning Partner Communication

Updated: Feb 6

Imagine you're running a vacation rental cleaning service-you have a big job to do; making sure the place is sparkling clean and ready for the next guests. The goal is to make each new guest feel like they are the first and only ones at your Property. You must Replenish Amenities, Reset Linens from Towels to Bedding, not to mention, CLEAN! From child Fingerprints to Dirt, Crumbs, Trash, Spills, Smudges, and MORE- There’s a surprise waiting for Cleaning Techs around every corner. 

Don’t forget about the SAND! People come for the White Emerald Coast Sand Beaches but rest assured, if they find it IN their rental, they will let you know about it. 

Vacation Rental Turnovers are a big job; no one knows what they’re walking into until after 10 AM and the guests depart. 

But what happens when things don't go as planned? That's where communication becomes super important!

First off, let's talk about damages. Sometimes, guests accidentally break things or leave a mess behind. If your guests didn’t let you know, then it's essential for the cleaning team to reach out to the hosts so they can make plans to have them fixed before the next guests arrive.  At minimum, they need to make plans with maintenance to have them fixed AND not to be overlooked, LET THE INCOMING GUESTS KNOW. The last thing you want is for a guest to discover an issue and let the Host know. 

Yup, here comes the ‘How are we going to solve this’, ‘We’d like to be compensated’, ‘I don’t think I should have to pay for this’, ‘What are you going to do to make this right?’ -the list goes on! 

99% of those comments will not happen if your new guests aren’t the ones to discover the issue. 

Then there's the issue of guests leaving the place in a total mess. It's not fun for anyone, but, unfortunately, it happens! 

Missing items like linens? That's a big deal too! If the cleaning team notices something missing, they should tell the hosts immediately. That way, the hosts can contact the previous guests to inquire and hold the Damage Deposit if necessary. 

In a nutshell, good communication between the cleaning service and the hosts helps keep everyone happy and creates a strong partnership. It's all about working together to make sure every guest has an awesome experience and wants to come back again and again. So, whether you're a Cleaning Service or a Host, remember to talk it out, keep everyone in the loop, and watch those vacation rentals shine!

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