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The Crucial Role of Professional Linen Services in Elevating Your Airbnb Experience

Updated: Jan 2

In the realm of hospitality, every detail matters when it comes to providing an exceptional experience for guests. One often overlooked aspect that can significantly impact the quality of your Airbnb is the handling of linens. While some cleaning companies opt to use owner linens, the practice of taking them home for laundering raises a red flag on both hygiene and efficiency fronts as well as professionalism. 

The Issue: Linens from Airbnb Turnovers washed in Personal Machines

In an attempt to handle linens for an Airbnb turnover one concern that is often overlooked is cleaners taking linens home and washing them in their personal machines. This practice, however, is not only unprofessional but also comes with a host of issues that compromise the very essence of cleanliness and guest satisfaction.

Concerns for Washing at Cleaners' Homes

The primary concern with using personal machines for laundering Airbnb linens is the lack of control over the washing environment. Professional standards dictate the use of high-temperature wash cycles to ensure thorough sanitation and eliminate any lingering traces of germs or allergens. Home machines, however, will not achieve the same heat level, putting these linens at risk of shared bacteria.

Bringing linens home exposes them to potential cross-contamination, defeating the purpose of 'separating owner linens' from the start.

Washing Linens AT the Property

Attempting to launder linens within the property poses its own set of challenges. Timeliness is crucial in turning around an Airbnb for new guests and waiting for an in-house laundering process to complete can be impractical. Additionally, the logistics of washing linens during the time a crew takes to turn over a unit might result in not only delays but also distractions. Cleaning routines are disrupted when needing to check machines, flip and switch during a stressful day.

The Solution: Professional Linen Services

To maintain the highest cleanliness and efficiency standards, the solution lies in utilizing professional linen services. A dedicated service with the infrastructure, expertise, and equipment required to ensure that your linens are laundered at optimal temperatures for sanitation. This not only upholds hygiene standards but also guarantees the longevity of your linens, sparing them from additional wear and tear associated with home laundering.

Expect 20-30% of Linens to be removed from each property's 'Pool' annually due to damage, stains, theft, and general guest or machine wear and tear.

Elevating the Airbnb Experience

Investing in professional linen services or a company that utilizes such a service not only safeguards the reputation of your Airbnb but also elevates the overall guest experience. Clean, crisp linens contribute significantly to the perception of a well-maintained and thoughtfully curated space, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

The decision to use a professional linen service for your Airbnb, or a Turnover service that does is a strategic move beyond cleanliness – it's about prioritizing the details. Among the many details in guest satisfaction is encouraging to gain repeat visits and glowing reviews.

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